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  • a warm, reliable experience that envelops your body and relaxes you night after night.

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No. 1

SaluSpa Miami AirJet 4-Person Inflatable Hot Tub


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This superior little hot tub from Coleman provides a quality spa experience at a most affordable price.

It’s a go-anywhere hot tub that can easily be set up indoors or outdoors in minutes and it comfortably accommodates up to 4 adults.

A decade of innovations

With almost a decade of advanced engineering innovations (as the company says), the Lay-Z-Spa Miami provides for  easy setup (no tools required) and offers total relaxation.

(To be fair, no spa reviewed on this page requires tools for the easy setup process. Even the hoses from hot tub to pump are labeled clearly, A-to-A and B-to-B).

A few other key points:

The Lay-Z-Spa Miami can be ready for water in minutes. However, even with something called a Rapid Heating System in place, be forewarned.

It can take up to 24 hours to bring the water to its maximum 104 degrees Fahrenheit when you fill it for the first time — but this is true of every inflatable hot tub featured here.

Many of the people who have reviewed this item keep their hot tubs at around 85 degrees all the time, then turn them up about two hours prior to use. 

All Coleman hot tubs provide a digital control panel to set the temperature you desire without having to exit the tub.


Your spa will remain fresh and clean with the proper use of the water filtration system and chemical floater.

You will, however, need to purchase the chemicals needed to keep the water sparkling. Again, this is true of all the hot tubs reviewed here.

Finally, there’s the price. If you can catch it on sale, this can be a real bargain at less than $350. However, list price is typically about $100 higher

Features and Benefits:
  • Holds up to 4 adults
  • Rapid-heating and water-filtration system. 
  • Easy to operate digital control panel
  • Lay-Z massage system
  • No-problem setup, no tools needed

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No. 2

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub w/ LED Light Show


Check the lowest price available
This is a neat hot tub from Lay-Z-Spa that features — among other things — a very cool LED light show and a handheld remote control that activates it.

And, typically at a price under $400, it’s probably the best value on this page.


Easily set up either indoors or outdoors within minutes, the Lay-Z-Spa Paris is a great choice for an affordable, portable spa.

It works great anywhere

It will look perfect set up on wooden decking or on the lawn. The Lay-Z-Spa Paris requires no tools or professional installation.

With its soothing 104 degree F water temperature, massage jets and color changing LEDs, this hot tub is perfect for soaking sore muscles, unwinding after a hard day at work or even as a luxurious and romantic treat for you and your partner to enjoy together.

Conveniently inflates using the spa’s pump. Additional features include: a cushioned floor with convenient drain valve and 2 easy-lift handles.

Double safety locking clips

The Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub comes supplied with a leatheroid cover with double safety lock clips and built-in air chamber for insulation, a set-up and maintenance guide DVD, a filter cartridge, ground mat and a chemical floater.

Features and Benefits:
  • Portable, inflatable hot tub with cushioned air mat floor and quick drain system
  • Lay-Z-Massage system with soothing bubble jets and integrated water filtration system – Rapid heating system heats up to 104 degree F (40 Degree C)
  • Comfortably fits 4 – 6 people
  • LED light show cycles through 7 colors
  • Easy setup, no tools needed


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No. 3 

Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor Spa Hot Tub, Black


cheap hot tubs under 1000

Check the lowest price available

Once again, Coleman leads in this list of inflatable hot tub reviews.

This version, like the one above, comfortably seats four people and is completely portable so you can take it with you on your vacations or relax at home.

It has 120 massage jets and a cushioned floor, making it easy for you to unwind.

The spa inflates within minutes and the rapid heating system also heats the water up to 104° F.

It has fewer reviews than the one above, but customers had very few negative things to say about it. 

And they had many good things to say about their customer service experience.

The cost? Like the one above,it is usually under $400, giving you a great return on your investment.

Features and Benefits:
  • Surround yourself with 120 soothing bubble jets
  • Digitally controlled pump with soft-touch control panel
  • Outer walls are made from fabric coated material
  • 2 easy-lift handles to help move the empty spa pool
  • 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean refreshing spa water


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No. 4

Intex PureSpa Bubble Massage 6-Person Portable Hot Tub


Best Portable Hot Tub

Check the lowest price available

Here’s our next recommendation in our list of inflatable hot tub reviews for a spacious six-person portable hot tub.

Catch up with a couple friends while relaxing in heated water, surrounded by soothing bubble jets.

Featuring the same innovative Fiber-Tech Construction as the other Intex models, this hot tub gives you 140 high-powered bubble jets.

This pleasing pulse of warm water around the upper rim of the spa provides a refreshing massage.

Like its sister Intex models, it features high-strength fibers, beam construction, and durable side walls.

And all for well under $500 usually.


Features and Benefits:
  • Seating capacity: 6 people
  • Built-in hard water system softens the water, making it more refreshing on your skin
  • Water capacity: 290 gallons; water temperature range: 68-104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Approximate inflated inner/outer diameter: 65″ /85″; height: 28″
  • Includes: spa, insulated cover, heating/filtration/air blower/hard water system, two filter cartridges, thermal ground cloth, inflation hose, carry bag, floating chlorine dispenser, and 3-way test strips


Best Portable Hot Tub

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No. 5

Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Massage Set, Blue/White


The Intex PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa is an affordable, portable Bubble Therapy Spa that provides total relaxation at the touch of a button.

Made with Fiber-Tech, it uses thousands of high-strength fibers, beam construction, and a puncture resistant 33 gauge, 3-ply laminate PVC to make the side wall strong enough to sit on.

Easy to Use

The easy-to-use control panel activates the 140 high performance bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage.

As with its larger sister spa, found elsewhere on this page, the built-in hard water treatment system also makes your spa water gentler on the skin, clothes and the entire spa system.

We should also mention that the covers of all Intex spas have lockable straps, for added safety.


Features and Benefits:
  • A carry bag is provided for easy storage and transport
  • Approximate inflated inner⁄outer Diameter: 57″ ⁄ 77″ height: 28″
  • Seating capacity: 4 people
  • Water capacity: 210 Gallons
  • Water temperature range (68 degree – 104 degree)


Best Portable Hot Tub

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No. 6

Intex Pure Spa Inflatable Portable Hot Tub with Six Filter Cartridges


cheap hot tubs under 500

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Here’s another low-cost stress reduction item: a four-person hot tub from Intex.

This easy-to-set-up and easy-to-use hot tub will be a good addition to your back yard or deck.

This particular model comes with six brand new filtration cartridges, adding about $100 to the value of the product.

There are 120 jets in this smaller model — larger ones come with 170 jets, for comparison’s sake.

To be perfectly honest, this hot tub has received about as many three- to one-star reviews as it has five-star reviews.

The primary complaint seems to center around mechanical failure and surprise at its relatively small size.

Features and Benefits:
  • Soothing bubble jets
  • Seats up to four people
  • Easy-to-use control panel activates 120 high-powered bubble jets
  • Ready for water in about 20 minutes
  • Unlike other spas that have cold air bubbling through water during the heating process, the PureSpa heats the air prior to bubbling through the water which heats the water more effectively


cheap hot tubs under 1000

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No. 7

 Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet 6-Person Portable Inflatable Spa Hot Tub


inflatable hot tub reviews


Check the lowest price available

Long day at the office? Relax in the Bestway SaluSpa Hawaii AirJet Hot Tub.

It’s everything you love about hot tubs, but portable and affordable.

Inflates in minutes

The hot tub inflates in minutes and the rapid heating system quickly heats the water up to 104 degrees.

The hot temperature combined with the AirJet massage system is perfect for soothing sore muscles or lounging after a long day.

Durable and ultracomfortable

The digital control panel lets you adjust the temperature to find your perfect fit. The inflatable walls are made of 3-ply material for durability and ultimate comfort.

This package also includes a chemical floater to keep your spa clean and an inflatable cover to keep it warm.

NOTE: This hot tub has yet to be reviewed by Amazon customers.

Features and Benefits:
  • Relax at the touch of a button with the soothing AirJet Spa
  • Digitally controlled pump with soft-touch control panel
  • Pre-tested pump and pre-tested hot tub
  • Can seat 4-6 adults
  • TriTech 3-ply inflated walls for durability and comfort


most reliable hot tub brand

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No. 8

SaluSpa Siena AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub


Best Portable Hot Tub

Check the lowest price available

A late but welcome entry on this list of inflatable hot tub reviews is this unique 1- or 2-person portable hot tub. There’s plenty to like about it.

So simple to set up, it nevertheless delivers a quality spa experience that soothes and relaxes. Looks great on deck and lawn — a sculpted look that seems way more expensive than it is.

Comfortable and durable

The spa’s inflated walls are made of Tritech™ material, providing the ultimate in comfort and durability.

Also featured is a Salu-Massage System with 120 all-surrounding Air Jets, combining heat and massaging jets together, two handles allowing the users to go in and out of the spa safely and an automatic start & stop timer.

Other points to consider:

Comes supplied with an insulated inflatable top cover, a beverage table, a set-up and maintenance guide DVD, a filter cartridge, a pressure gauge and a chemical floater.

The easy-to-use control panel activates 120 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage.

The SaluSpa Siena conveniently and quickly inflates using the spa’s pump so you can spend more time relaxing in it than setting it up.

Features and Benefits:
  • Inflated walls are made of tritech material, providing the ultimate in comfort and durability
  • Salu-massage system
  • Automatic start & stop timer saves energy
  • Fast, easy set-up – inflates using the spa’s pump
  • Unique seating for 2 People


inflatable hot tub reviews

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No. 9

Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Portable Heated Bubble Hot Tub

Here’s the twin brother of a Pure Spa found earlier on this page. The differences are subtle but significant, starting with the price.

This hot tub is almost always a little more expensive than the other, although they are virtually identical.

The other difference? This one seats six people comfortably while the other version only holds four.

More jets for your money

In addition, this model has 170 jets, while the other has only 120. Again, a minor difference, but one you will notice.

And,this model has significantly more five-star reviews than its brother.

Summing up:

Altogether, we believe this hot tub to be the absolute best value on the market today in terms of features and price.


Features and Benefits:
  • Pamper yourself in relaxing heated water surrounded by soothing bubble jets
  • The PureSpa provides relaxation at the touch of a button for up to six people
  • The easy-to-use control panel activates the 170 high-powered bubble jets surrounding the interior of the spa for a refreshing massage
  • This inflatable model is ready for water in about 20 minutes and can be deflated for easy storage or transport (pump included)
  • Unlike other spas that have cold air bubbling through water during the heating process, the PureSpa heats the air prior to bubbling through the water which heats the water more effectively


best portable hot tub

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No. 10

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub

 Check the lowest price available
The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs features a Digital Control Panel to make operating your spa easy.

Just set the temperature you desire (up to 104 degrees F) and activate the Lay-Z-Spa Massage System for a relaxing and comfortable spa experience.

Strength and durability

The Palm Springs’ leatheroid and puncture resistant exterior is made with a TriTech 3 ply reinforced material, featuring a polyester mesh core encased in two layers of PVC, for extra strength and durability not available on many other inflatable spas.

The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs’ walls are constructed to offer extra durability and strength with engineered puncture-resistant, I-Beam construction. This allows users to sit on the sides without the spa bending or buckling, making this product superior to others in its class.

Cushioned floor

This spa features a separate air pad cushioned floor which sits underneath the spa. On top of the additional comfort under foot and backside, this helps with insulation and minimizing the loss of heat through the base of the spa.

 Features and Benefits:
    • Fast, easy set up – inflates using the spa’s pump – NO tools needed
    • Rapid-heating and water-filtration system. Max. Heat Capability: 104°F
    • Easy to operate digital control panel; automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system
    • 4-6 Person Capacity
    • Inflated Size: 77″ x 28″ ; 242 gal. Water Capacity


best portable hot tub

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Special Featured Product Today

LED Hot Tub Floating Light Show 

best portable hot tub

Light up your new spa with a high-intensity, multicolored underwater light show — for under $10.

Check out this wonderful addition to any hot tub or pool.

  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Great item to jazz up your hot tub with colorful light
  • 5 modes of light pattern: Shift the light pattern by pressing the on/off key
  • Easy to use: Press once to turn it on, and hold for 3 seconds to turn it off
  • Select your favorite pattern by pressing the button
  • Randomly cycle all the distinct light shows
  • Waterproof ring along the seal of the battery compartment to keep it free of water

Switching ON/ OFF and 5-Modes:

  • First Mode: The unit sparkles with 4 ultra-bright LEDs consecutively very quickly
  • Second Mode: The LEDs sparkle a little bit slower
  • Third Mode: The LEDs light up one by one in different colors
  • Fourth Mode: All LEDs are on all the time
  • Fifth Mode: To shift to Mode 1 light pattern again

Purchase your Floating LED Light Display today for under $10 (price on EBay may vary slightly day to day)

Click here: Floating LED Light Display

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Choosing the Best Inflatable Hot Tub

There are several important things to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Construction. You need to make sure your hot tub is built to last more than one season. There’s no real way to know this ahead of time, but as a general rule of thumb, the hot tubs with interior reinforced construction seem to hold up best.
  • Price. Most of the options on this page are under $500. Still, that’s a sizeable investment. However, even the cheaper hot tubs (such as the Coleman series) seem to hold up well and justify the cost.
  • Warranty. Check out the warranty provided by each manufacturer before you buy. This will adjust your expectations and should furnish you with a customer service contact if you need new parts or — worst case — a replacement hot tub. Some of the links below offer warranty info. Some give only contact info.

The role of the jets:

  • Jets. Again, just so you won’t be disappointed when you climb into your hot tub for the first time, pay attention to how many jets your hot tub comes equipped with. Generally, four-person hot tubs have 120 jets, while the larger six-person tubs have 140. And please understand that they produce a powerful stream of bubbles, not real jets of water, as you might be used to in the big commercial hot tubs.
  • Covers. When you are making your election, try to make sure it comes with a suitable cover. If not, you’ll need to buy one separately. All of the hot tubs on this page come equipped with a cover. They are important in order to keep heat in from day to day and in order to keep things like falling leaves out.
  • Cleaning. This is an important daily or weekly task. Try to ascertain how often the filters might need to be changed and what kind of chemicals you’ll need to keep the water nice and sparkling. Some of the hot tubs on this page come with chemicals. Some do not and must be purchased separately. If in doubt, scroll down and read the fine print and specs on the Amazon product page. Or contact the manufacturer. In most cases, a simple trip to your local pool supply store will get you what you need, no matter what brand you might have.

Portable Hot Tub Advantages

  • Traveling to the beach or to the mountains — or to spend a week with relatives? It’s a great advantage to be able to take along your own portable, inflatable unit. They set up literally in minutes, though it may take up to 24 hours for them to heat up.
  • Cleaning a portable, inflatable hot tub is a snap compare to the large, in-ground or other fixed models. All the hot tubs featured on this page only need to be cleaned every two weeks or so, and, typically, the filters only need to be changed out every six months or so. They do, however, need to be checked weekly to remove leaves or other debris.
  • You only need a regular, 110-volt AC outlet to run your inflatable hot tub. In some cases, however, the additional load on a circuit might cause breakers to keep tripping. In this case, either run a heavy-duty extension cord to another outlet, or have an electrician upgrade the circuit.
  • Digging up the yard won’t be needed if you buy a portable, inflatable hot tub. You’ll just need a piece of flat ground (if you set it up outside) or a sturdy wood or concrete deck. Some folks put it in their basements for year-round enjoyment.
  • Inflatable hot tubs are much less expensive than their fixed or in-ground counterparts. And, when you’re relaxing in yours under the stars with a cool glass of wine in your hand, you won’t know the difference — except your bank account won’t be depleted.

Maintenance of an Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Regular, attentive maintenance should keep your hot tub in tip-top shape. There are just a few simple rules to remember:
  • Make sure that leaves and other stuff don’t collect in the hot tub or in the filters. If you have a cover, of course — and you remember to put it on each time after using the hot tub — this won’t be much of an issue for you. However, it’s still important to check for debris regularly.
  • Replacing the water every two weeks or so will extend the life of the hot tub and make your experience more enjoyable (and more sanitary) overall. Just be sure to allow for the time needed to drain the hot tub, refill it, and bring it back up to the most comfortable setting (usually 104 degrees).
  • When the tub is empty, you should take the time to clean it, using a soft cloth and a mild, non-abrasive cleaner. Again, your manufacturer or your local pool supplies store should have just what you need. Or, regular dishwashing soap should be fine.
  • Again, you should pay scrupulous attention to your filters, cleaning them every week and replacing them every six months. This will extend the useful life of your hot tub and provide for a much cleaner hot tub day to day.

Best Portable Hot Tub Q&A

First Question.

When should I clean my hot tub, and how often should I do it?
Answer. Use common sense. Every ten days or two weeks should be just about the right interval between cleanings. And this would coincide with your emptying and refilling your hot tub with clean water. Really, you could easily get by with refilling it only once a month, but this is mostly personal preference and how often you use the hot tub.

Second Question.

How full should I fill my hot tub?
Answer. Your hot tub should come with instructions on just how much water you put in. But, again, use common sense. Ideally, it should be just around shoulder height, But pay special attention to the location of the water jets. If they’re around the upper rim of the tub, fill just above these jets (about and inch and a half above should be fine).

Final Question.

How about the filter cartridges? How often should I clean them?
Answer. About once a week should be fine. Remember that the filters do most of the work in keeping your hot tub nice and clean. They are designed to trap dirt, body film and other stuff that might be floating around in your hot tub. To clean them, simply place them in a five-gallon bucket of pool or hot tub cleaner and leave them there for a day or so. Then, run some water over them and reinsert them.

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What are the best reasons for buying an inflatable hot tub?

They cost a lot less.

If you’ve been looking at hot tubs for any time at all, you’ll notice the extreme differences in price. Portable, inflatable hot tubs are simply much less expensive than in-ground or more rigidly constructed models.

In-ground and more traditional hot tubs may require the services of landscapers, backhoes and electricians. And for what? You’ll get essentially the same enjoyment and experience the  many benefits of owning a hot tub — for a fraction of the cost.

They’re very durable — again at a fraction of the cost

Of course your inflatable hot tub won’t be able to compare with a brick and mortar version. But, considering all the factors — even if you have to replace yours after a couple of years — you will STILL have spent way less than what others will pay for a more “conventional” spa.

They are simply more convenient — and portable

Again, if you want to pack up and go to Aunt Sally’s for a month, you can easily take your hot tub with you. They just take about 30 minutes to set up, and — even considering the time it takes to fill them and bring them up to 104 degrees — you’re still way ahead.

They’re easy to pack away when not in use

Most inflatable hot tubs are about the size of an old-fashioned steamer trunk (about 2.5 feet by 4 feet) when they arrive in the case. And so they won’t take up much room in your basement or attic or wherever you’d like to store them during off-season.

They are — once again — highly portable

We know a couple who routinely pack up their hot tub and take it to their vacation home in the mountains. Draining it and deflating it is no big deal, and then reinflating it on the new site is also not much trouble, compared to the wonderful advantage of having it available just outside your door — summer or winter.

Why should I purchase an inflatable hot tub?

s we’ve said repeatedly, slipping into your own hot tub, only steps away from your back door, is a great way to melt the day’s cares away.

The two most obvious advantages to owning an inflatable spa — as opposed to a more permanent one — are (1) cost and (2) portability.

Really, one of the best things about an inflatable spa (aside from the lower costs) is the ability to pack it up and take it on an extended vacation.

You can take it to the mountains, to the beach — even Aunt Sally’s for a month.

They don’t take up much room, either, They’re perfect for that little corner on the deck or the patio.

A few other key points:

Some folks like to put them in a basement for year-round use in all kinds of weather.

And, when it comes time at the end of the season to drain it, deflate it, and pack it away, they take up about as much room as a large suitcase or a trunk.

Try storing a permanently installed hot tub. You can’t do it. If the weather’s bad, you can’t use it.

On the other hand, if your portable hot tub is sitting under a covered patio, you’re good to go.

And, don’t forget how popular you’ll be when you show up at the beach house you’ve rented with several of your closest friends.

Just set it up, wait while it fills with water and heats up, and jump right in.

Now to the issue of cost. Would you pay a dollar a day for the sensuous experience of settling into your own personal spa each night?

Of course you would.


With traditional spas, however, it can take years to recover the initial investment.

And maintenance on the two is really about the same in the long run.

Inflatable hot tubs are more durable and longer-lasting than they’ve ever been. And, there’s no good reason not to give in and buy one.

Be it for two people, four people or the roomy ones that fit in up to six friends, the time to buy a portable, inflatable hot tub has never been better.

Go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

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A few final things to keep in mind:

Remember. All customer experiences are unique. But please understand three things:

  • No inflatable hot tub is going to last more than two or three seasons. That’s the tradeoff you get for the relatively low cost. Is it worth it? We think so.
  • Average cost of $450 divided by an average of 20 soothing experiences per month is less than $1.88 per experience.
  • Some of these hot tubs are relatively small. Keep your own height in mind when deciding on a particular brand or model.
  • Some manufacturers seem to be more responsive than others. You should read all the reviews before making a final decision. Again, Coleman seemed to rank first in customer satisfaction, Intex second, and MSpa third.


We feel fairly certain that this list of inflatable hot tubs is the best on the market today. Other reviewers may try to steer you toward a particular brand.

But we also feel you are intelligent enough to make up your own mind.

The bottom line? The ROI is well worth it

Any of these inflatable hot tubs will provide a superior soak after a long day on the road or at the office — or after keeping up with kids from dawn to dusk.

Get a tall, cold glass of your favorite wine and slide down into the bath-warm waters.

Ahhhh. Now, that’s why you made this investment……

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